Последние новости о будущем моде.

 HBZ Career Mode Mod - сезон 19/20



  • Update Transfer fees and wages - Готово
  • Update Tournament structures (if not listed no changes have been made) - В процессе
  • FIFA Confederations Cup - FIFA have now abolished this tournament - Удалено
  • FIFA World Cup - Improved fixtures.
  • FIFA Club World Cup - Expanded and moved to the proposed 2021 summer format. This tournament will occur every 4 years in line with the European International calendar.
  • UEFA Euro - EDIT - Reverted to 16 teams to enable space for other tournaments. This may change back to 24 teams by release. Fixtures inline with real life schedule.
  • Champions League - Improved qualification rules. Prize money updated for 2019/20.
  • Europa League - Improved qualification rules. Fixed issue which caused the competition to sometimes not populate and cause a crash on 22nd August.
  • Gold Cup - 4 team tournament with mini league and Final game. Winner of this competition will fill the invitational spot in the Copa América. (This may change).
  • AFC Asian Cup - 6 team tournament with mini league and Final game. Winner of this competition will fill the invitational spot in the Copa América. (This may change).
  • AFC Champions League - Expanded competition from 8 to 16 teams. Prize money updated for 2019.
    Copa América - Switched back to every 4 years. First competition will now be 2020.
  • Copa Libertadores - Structure updated to integrate better in to the South America calendar.
  • CAF AFCON - 8 team tournament with QF, SF & Final. (This could change).
  • Update Playable leagues
  • Germany - Initial testing to integrate 3. Liga into German Calendar. Everything works but the league will not be playable. This will be removed for release.
  • Japan - J1 League is now a playable league replacing the Australian A-League.
  • Argentina - 24 team league. Merged Superliga Quilmes Clásica with Copa de la Superliga. Schedule adjusted to match real life within FIFA 14 parameters. ADDED Copa Argentina tournament
  • Brazil - Brasileiro league structure updated. Improved integration with Copa do Brasil.
  • Chile - Adjusted schedule. Tweaked format.
  • Colombia - League format matches closely to real world although 'derby' fixture has not been added as I want to use the additional lines of compdata for other tournaments.
  • Другие DLC  изменнения
  • Новые стадионы
  • Обновление стадионов
  • Brasileirão 2019
  • Российская Премьер Лига 19/20

Известные баги:

  • Вылет игры с Angers SCO & Sampdoria. Я еще не нашел причину.
  • У некоторых вратарей отсутствуют текстуры номеров. Я исправлю их по мере их появления.
  • У некоторых игроков  проблема с именами.

Запланированные обновления::

  • Легенды & Иконы db
  • FIFA 20 база преобразована для  FIFA 14 (после выхода  FIFA 20)
  • Новый  Boot pack (после выхода  FIFA 20)
  • Новые формы (после выхода  FIFA 20)
  • Новые мячи (после выхода  FIFA 20)
  • Новые лица игроков (после выхода  FIFA 20)
  • Player & Competition specific Boot pack (Игроки носят разные бутсы на разных соревнованиях, а в некоторых случаях дома и в гостях.)
  • Player & Competition specific Glove pack (Игроки носят разные перчатки в различных соревнованиях)

Возможные обновления::

  • TBC


Возможно мод будет разрабатываться совместно с Ариэлем - создателем Моддингвей модов.